Club History

In 1977 HORST formally shifted from recreational “PING PONG” to the sport of “TABLE TENNIS” when he met a tournament player, with whom he traded lessons in table tennis for his Morse Code lessons. At that time he realized that the sport couldn’t possibly be enjoyed and played properly in ordinary basements.

Early the next year he began searching for a playing venue. He approached almost all possible organizations he could think of with space for a table tennis club. He negotiated with a YMCA, fire houses, a local church, the Department of Parks & Recreation, several tennis clubs, and various schools in the home school district. After seemingly endless efforts he was able to get the approval for use of the small gym at the Council Rock Intermediate School.
The first night of play was September 25, 1978. The club opened with four tables and a robot. As the attendance and the player level increased the need for better tables arose. A consortium was established in 1993 to finance the purchase of six Butterfly Spacesaver tournament grade tables. In 1995 the club moved to the “cafetorium” of the Newtown Elementary School. The new venue was larger, air conditioned, and had much better lighting. The club is still enjoying these facilities, and celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2013.

After 28 years, at the end of the 2005/2006 season, the club leadership has been transferred from Horst to Bill Cowan, Jr., who has been a member since 2000 and hopes one day to be table tennis world champion.